Is the jewellery sterling silver?

Our jewellery is made with sterling silver. Our jewellery is made from scratch. We start by melting down 92.5% pure silver mixed with 7.5% brass and when melted together that makes sterling silver. Pure silver is too soft to use alone for jewellery making and that is the reason why 7.5% brass is added. There will be a stamp marked '925' on your piece in a discreet area. There is no nikkel in our jewellery, nikkel is the metal which many people react to.

All earring hooks, pins, butterflies and chains are sterling silver too.

Will the earring hooks or pins irritate my sensitive ears?

They should not irritate your ears because there is no nikkel in our jewellery and nikkel is the metal which causes issues with ones ears. 

Are your stones genuine gemstones?

Yes, any gemstones used are genuine. It's very important to me that quality materials are used in my work.

Are the sea-shells coated in a silver dip?

No, the sea shells are solid metal. The sea shells have been made by making a mold of the shell and casting the shells using a process called 'The Lost wax casting method.'  Therefore the shells are solid silver or brass and they are also a little thicker than a real shell to ensure that it is not too flimsy and it will last forever.

How will i keep my jewellery clean?

The only metal that does not oxydize is gold.

Sterling silver naturally oxydises over time and it is completely normal. If one has a very acidic skin the back of the piece can blacken a lot quicker. If this happens to you please ask that the piece is given a very high shine - this slows down the process of oxydation. 

Brass oxydizes too and a little faster than silver. 

Jewellery can be cleaned by using a polishing cloth which i can supply to you. Gently rub the piece with the cloth and the blackened area will rub right off.

Or by taking a ceramic dish, placing foil on the bottom. Place the jewellery on top of the foil, sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda over the jewellery and then pour some boiling water over the jewellery. Rinse in cold water.

Can i exchange an item that was given to me as a gift?

Yes gifts can be exchanged, contact me within two weeks of receiving the gift and we can discuss.

What happens if i order a ring but i have made a mistake with the ring size, can rings be resized?

It is very important to give me an accurate ring size when placing an order.

Not all rings can be resized. 

The ceramic and gem stone rings can not be resized.

Most plain metal rings can be resized- resizing cost is R150 - R300 depending on the style. 

If your ring has been personalised with inside engraving it can not be exchanged if you have given me the wrong finger size.

The best way to get your finger sized is by visiting me and i will take your ring size for you. Where that is not possible you can visit your own local jewellery store and they should be willing to help. If you are going with a wide width ring you will need to go with a size bigger as wide rings fit more snuggly.

The other way to find your ring size is to measure the inside diameter of one of your rings that already fits you. The ring needs to be perfectly round. Place it on top of a ruler and measure the diameter width in mm.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any other questions

Much love

Natasha x