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Natasha Wood Jewellery

Wax carving workshop - 23th September 10-1 pm

Wax carving workshop - 23th September 10-1 pm

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Join Natasha for a jewellery making workshop where she will help you every step of the way in making your own ring or item of your choice. You will be using jewellers wax which you will carve and file into shape. The wax piece will then be cast into silver or brass using the lost wax casting method.

You will learn techniques used in wax carving to create your own ring or pendant that you will be so proud of and treasure forever!

The price of the workshop includes an information booklet, the use of the tools and wax for making your piece and Natasha's help step by step. Natasha will clean and polish the piece once it comes back from the caster.

Once you have your finished item in wax Natasha will weigh it and be able to tell you how much the casting will cost which will be explained in the workshop. 

Coffee, tea, mimosa's and light snacks will be included, it will be a lovely morning to enjoy with your friends.

Location is Noordhoek Cape town.

Only 8 spots available per session.

Next workshop is on the 26th August from 10-1pm

I look forward to making jewellery with you :)

(Pictures included are items all made in wax and cast using the lost wax casting method)


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